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The Amoeba, Chaos group 

Page updated 12/7/02

The genera Amoeba and Chaos have long been recognised as being akin, and this has been borne out by recent SSUrDNA analysis (Bolivar et al, 2001).  This analysis suggests that Saccamoeba limax (ATCC 30942; AF293902) is related to this group, and that another group consisting of Rhizamoeba sp (ATCC 50743; AF293901), Paraflabellula hoguae (ATCC 30733; AF293899), Paraflabellula reniformis (ATCC 50741; AF293900) and Leptonyxa reticulata (ATCC 50242; AF293898) form a more distantly related group.  An even more distantly related group consists of Hartmanella vermiformis (ATCC 30966; M95168) and Echinamoeba exudans (ATCC 50171; AF293895). 

Bolivar, I., Fahrni, J. F., Smirnov, A. & Pawlowski, J. (2001) SSU rRNA-based phylogenetic position of the genera Amoeba and Chaos (Lobosea, Gymnamoebia): The origin of gymnamoebae revisited., Mol.Biol.Evol. 18, 2306-2314.

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