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2,3-Butanedione monoxime (BDM)

page updated 27/6/03

BDM has been used as an inhibitor of myosins as it has been reported to inhibit actomyosin interaction in vitro (McKillop et al, 1994).  However, the drug is known to have multiple effects (Sellin & McArdle, 1994), and has been reported to delocalise components of the Arp2/3 complex from the leading edge of locomoting cells (Yarrow et al, 2003). BDM has been found to be most active against non-muscle myosin II (Cramer & Mitchison, 1995), yet other studies conclude that BDM does not inhibit non-muscle myosin II at all (Cheung et al, 2002; Ostrap, 2002).  BDM has produced some marked effects on particular cell types it has been applied to and so it will be of interest to discover what exactly, BDM is acting on.  The drug may prove a useful starting point for the synthesis of more specific drugs to aid the study of the cytoskeleton.



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