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Focal Contacts (Focal adhesions)

Page updated 19/2/03

Focal contacts are adhesions by which cell attach to the underlying substrate. A large number of specific proteins are known to be concentrated at focal contacts, these are usually structural and cytoskeletal proteins but many are also signalling molecules (Sastry & Burridge, 2000).

Cell-cell adherens   

Figure 1.  The main structural players at the Focal Contact.  The trans-membranous b-integrin binds talin and a-actinin which both then bind F-actin and vinculin.  The picture is further complicated by the fact that many of these proteins also bind and are regulated by PI lipids.
Protein Function References
ASAP1   Oda et al, 2003;
CrkL An SH2 and SH3 adapter protein  
ERK/MAP kinase   Fincham et al, 2000;
FAK Focal adhesion kinase   
Integrin A family of trans-membranous adhesions molecules  
MEKK1 A mitogen-activated protein kinase (binds FAK) Yujiri et al, 2003
Syndecan   Longley et al, 1999;
Tes   Coutts et al, 2003;
Zyxin   Nix et al, 1997;
Table 1   Focal Contact associated proteins

Microtubule Signalling to Focal Contacts

Migrating cells must make adhesions at the front end and break these adhesions as they become redundant at the rear. 


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