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ADF/Cofilin binding proteins

The number one AC binding protein is of course actin, but cofilin binds several other proteins partners including the expected regulatory kinases and phosphatases (table 1), and less expected partners such as membrane channels and the AIP1 actin-binding protein.


Protein Function References
AIP-1 Not clear at present but binds actin and co-operates with AC to depolymerize actin. Amberg et al, 1995; Okada et al, 1999; Rodal et al, 1999
CAP Cyclase Associated Protein (Asp65). Another actin-binding protein. CAP also activates and Adenylate Cyclase.  CAP binds and modulates the activity of cofilin also. Moriyama & Yahara 2002
Cofilin Cofilin has been reported to bind itself, the significance of this observation is contentious as cofilins are rich in cysteine Pfannstiel et al, 2001
LIM kinase 1 Phosphorylates AC on the conserved ser3 (or equivalent).  Cofilin is presently the only known substrate for this kinase. Arber et al, 1998;Yang et al, 1998
LIM kinase 2 A second isoform of LM kinase which also phosphorylates ACs. Sumi et al, 1999
TESK 1 A widely expressed kinase that phosphorylates AC. Has homology to the LIM kinases. Toshima et al, 2000 & 2001a
TESK 2 Another widely expressed kinase suntype  that phosphorylates AC. Toshima et al, 2001b
Na,K-ATPase a subunit A channel that exchanges intracellular sodium for extracellular potassium. Lee et al, 2001
Neutrophil Kinase An unidentified kinase from neutrophils that is able to phosphorylate ser3 of cofilin Lian et al, 2000
PP1 & PP2A Serine phosphatases, removes ser3 phosphate from vertebrate cofilins Ambach et al, 2000
Slingshot An F-actin binding protein that is also a phosphatase for the ACs Niwa et al, 2002
Table 1  ADF/cofilin binding proteins

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