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Other Proteins that contain the ADF homology domain.

A number of other actin binding proteins with properties distinct from the ADF/Cofilin family exist (Table 1).
Protein Function References
Abp1p A mulitfunctional protein involved in the Golgi cytoskeleton, endocyotosis and Arp2/3 activation. Goode et al, 2001; Holtzman et al, 1993; Jeng & Walsh 2001
Coactosin A protein originally discovered in yeast but now found in humans where it binds 5-lipoxygenase de Hostas et al, 1993; Provost et al 2001a & b.
Drebrin A group of 95- 100kDa actin-binding proteins that are especially enriched in brain Hayashi et al, 1999; Peitsch et al, 1999.
Twinfilin An actin monomer sequestering protein that contains two ADF homology domains. Goode et al, 1998; Palmgren et al, 2001, 2002; Wahlstrom et al, 2001.
Table 1 Other proteins that contain the ADF homology domain

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