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Tokurahu, K., Okamoto, S., Katsuki, M., Nakagawa, H. and Kotani, S. (2001) The actin-depolymerizing factor destrin has an actin stabilizing domain. Biochem.Cell Biol. 79, 773-778.
Destrin is a 19 kDa actin-depolymerizing protein of the ADF-cofilin family. Destrin was digested with trypsin to a structurally stable 9.2 kDa fragment that contains the actin-binding sequence .  The purified 9.2 kDa fragment has an actin filament stabilizing activity, rather than an actin filament depolymerizing activity.  The deleted region is probably essential for the actin filament depolymerizing activity of intact destrin. Surprisingly, the 9.2 kDa fragment also has an assembly-promoting activity in the presence of ATP.
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