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Binding and Regulation of ADF/Cofilin by Polyphosphoinositides.

Many ABPs have been found to bind polyphosphoinositides (see ABPs & PIs) since the original observation that profilin bound phosphatidyl inositol 4,5-bisphosphate (Lassing & Lindberg, 1985). Cofilin was discovered to bind PIP2  (Yonezawa et al, 1990), as was actophorin from Acanthamoeba (Quirk et al, 1993), and plant ACs (Gungabissoon et al, 1998).  

Gungabissoon, R. A., Jiang, C.-J., DrÝbak, B. K., Maciver, S. K. & Hussey, P. J. (1998) Interaction of maize actin-depolymerising factor with actin and phosphoinositides and its inhibition of plant phospholipase C. Plant J. 16, 689-696.

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Yonezawa, N., Homma, Y., Yahara, I., Sakai, H. & Nishida, E. (1991) A short sequence responsible for both phosphoinositide binding and actin binding activities of cofilin., J. Biol. Chem. 266, 17218-17221.

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