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The ERM (Ezrin, Radixin, Moesin) Actin-Binding Proteins 

A group of proteins including Ezrin, Radixin, Moesin, NF2-tumour suppressor (also known as Merlin), many of which are actin-binding proteins.  Some members of this group have an unusual ability to bind to discriminate between iso-forms of actin binding b- but not a-F-actin (Hirao et al, 1996).  In ezrin the actin binding region has been found to be contained in the C-terminus and similar regions are present in moesin, radixin, but not in merlin (Turunen et al, 1989, 1994).  
Structure of the ERM family.
A trick of the tail? 
The actin-binding region of ERM proteins reside in the tail.  Like vinculin, this actin-binding region is "hidden" in  the inactive state.  The actin-binding region has been localized to the last 34 amino-acids in the sequence of human ezrin (
Turunen et al, 1994; Smith et al, 2003)
Regulation by PIP2.
Like many actin-binding proteins, especially those with a cellular distribution close to the membrane, the ERM group are regulated by phosphoinositide lipids. 
Binding Partners
Regulation by Phosphorylation
Ezrin is a substrate for the Lck tyrosine kinase (
Autero et al, 2003).


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