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Endocytosis is the process by which small particle, molecules and liquids are taken into cells.  This for the most part accomplished by receptor-mediated endocytosis involving clathrin coated pits and vesicles. A huge number of proteins have been implicated in this multi-step process (Table 1), large amongst them being actin (Ayscough 2000; Lamaze et al, 1997; Schafer 2002), and microtubules (Maples et al, 1997).
Protein Function References
Abp1p   Kessels et al, 2001
Dynamin A motor protein  whose function seems to be to close membranes by a GTP dependent pinch mechanism.  
Epsins Actin filament bundling proteins that bind clatherin Wendland et al, 1999
Hip1   Engqvist-Goldstein et al, 2001; Metzler et al, 2001
Pan1p   Duncan et al, 2001
Myosin VI A motor protein that unlike other myosins moves toward the pointed end of microfilaments.  This orientation is expected to be consistent with a requirement to move the vesicle away from the membrane after scission. Buss et al, 2001
Rho   Ellis & Mellor, 2000
Table 1 Proteins implicated in involvement in endocytosis

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