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Abp1p (SH3P7, HIP-55)
Originally identified in yeast, as an actin binding protein (Drubin et al, 1990) associated with the membrane (Mulholland et al, 1994), Abp1p has an ADF homology domain and an SH3 domain.  Mammalian homologs have been discovered and are thought to have a role in endocytosis (Kessels et al, 2000 & 2001).  Although not an essential gene in itself (Holtzman et al, 1993; Adams et al, 193), Abp1p is required in fimbrin nulls and SLA1 SLA2 nulls. Abp1p binds actin through a region homologous to ADF/cofilin and to dynamin through the SH3 domain (Kessels et al, 2001).  It is possibly through the interaction of dynamin that Abp1p may have a function to play in the complex process of endocytosis (Jeng & Welsch, 2001).  It is surprising that Abp1p is not an essential gene (in yeast) as this protein seems to be involved in so many different many actin -dependent activities.

A number of binding partners for the SH3 domain and other domains have now been established (Table 1).

Protein Function Abp1p domain bound References
Actin Forms filaments ADH domain  
Ark1p Actin regulating kinase SH3 Fazi et al, 2002
Arp2/3 complex Nucleates actin filaments and caps pointed ends of filaments.   Goode et al, 2001; Evangelista,  et al, 2000
Myosin V Actin based motor SH3 Fazi et al, 2002
Prk1p Actin regulating kinase SH3 Fazi et al, 2002
RVS167   SH3 Lila & Drubin, 1997
Srv2p CAP An adenylyl cyclase associated protein that activates its activity which itself is an actin-binding protein. SH3 Lila & Drubin, 1997
Synaptojanin   SH3 Fazi et al, 2002
Table 1      


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