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Aginactin was purified as an activity present in stimulated Dictyostelium but not in unstimulated amoeba that nucleated actin polymerization in an attempt to understand how the nucleation is controlled.  It later turned out that aginactin was actually a complex of Hsc70 and Capping protein (Cap32/34) (Eddy et al, 1992; 1993)


Eddy, R. J., R. A. Sauterer, et al. (1992). "Cloning and Sequencing of an HSP70 Related Protein from Dictyostelium; Relationship to Aginactin, an Agonist-Regulated Capping Protein." J Cell Biol 

Eddy, R. J., R. A. Sauterer, et al. (1993). "Aginactin, an agonist-regulated F-actin capping activity is associated with an Hsc70 in Dictyostelium." J. Biol. Chem. 268(31), 23267-23274.

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