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AIP1-(AKA, WD40)

Actin interacting protein from yeast (Amberg et al, 1995).  Interacts with ADF/cofilin to produce bundles in Dictyostelium in response to osmotic stress (Aizawa et al, 1999).



Aizawa, H., M. Katadae, et al. (1999). "Hyperosmotic stress-induced reorganization of actin bundles in Dictyostelium cells over-expressing cofilin." Genes to Cells 4, 311-324.

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Okada, K., T. Obinata, et al. (1999). "XAIP1: a Xenopus homoloque of yeast actin interacting protein 1 (AIP1), which induces disassembly of actin filaments cooperatively with ADF/cofilin family proteins." J.Cell Sci. 112, 1553-1565.

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