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Carcinoembryonic Cell Adhesion Molecule 1 (CEACAM1)

CEACAM1 is a homotypic, type 1 trans-membranous cell adhesion molecule with two differentially spliced isoforms consisting of 3 or 4 Ig-like domains. A GST fusion protein including the cytoplasmic region of short isoform (CEACAM1-S) bound F-actin with a Kd of 7mM, when assayed by actin co-sedimentation (Schumann et al, 2001). The actin binding site has been localised to 419-432:-


No obvious similarity between this actin-binding region and others exist.  The cytoplasmic region of CEACAM1 also binds tropomyosin.



Schumann, D., Chen, C.-J., Kaplan, B. & Shively, J. E. (2001) Carcinoembryonic antigen cell adhesion molecule 1 directly associates with cytoskeleton proteins actin and tropomyosin. J.Biol.Chem. 276, 47421-47433.

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