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Page updated 24/3/03

A 87kd protein principally from smooth muscle that binds F-actin in a calcium/calmodulin sensitive manner. Can bind actin filaments decorated with tropomyosin with which it is thought to regulated myosin in smooth and non-muscle tissues. Caldesmon is phosphorylated during mitosis by a cell-cycle dependent kinase (MPF) which dissociates caldesmon from the filaments.  Caldesmon also interacts with myosin and this is regulated by phosphorylated by casein kinase II (Wang & Yang, 2000).  In addition to binding actin, myosin calmodulin, caldesmon is also known to bind caltropin (Mani et al, 1992) and tubulin (Ishikawa et al, 1992). 

A subject of controversy, it presently seems that caldesmon binds actin in a manner dependent on a number of conditions including the stoicheometry of caldesmon with actin (
Fredrickson et al, 2003).


Figure 1.  

A. Caldesmon binding to seven monomers B. Strong binding to only 3 monomers. C. Binding to one actin monomer. (Fredrickson et al, 2003).


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