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Dematin (Band 4.9)

Originally isolated from the erythrocyte skeleton, dematin is a tetra-meric actin filament bundling protein. The actin binding domain at the C-terminus is homologous to the villin "head piece" a region (Rana et al, 1993) found at the C-terminus of villin a second actin-binding domain exists close to the N-terminal . Dematin is present as two forms a small and a large form the difference is accounted for by an insertion in the C-terminus that contains a P-loop found in band 4.2.  Dematin is a substrate for PKC and PKA and bundling of actin (Siegel & Branton, 1985) is regulated by phosphorylation (Husain-Chishti et al, 1988) by PKA  but not PKC.


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