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A 33kd actin binding protein which also hydrolyses DNA. So far DNase 1, together with the ARP2/3 complex and tropomodulin  is amongst the few ABPs  to bind at the pointed end of actin filaments (Podolski & Steck, 1988). The physiological importance of the very tight association of DNAase 1 with actin is not certain as the two protein would not normally be expected to meet, however such interaction has been reported in some cell types at least (Malickablaszkiewicz, &  Roth,1983).  DNAase 1 has proved to be a valuable tool in the field as methods have been developed which utilize the fact that when DNAase 1 is bound by actin it no longer has the capacity to cleave DNA, in order to measure the G-actin content of actin solutions (Fox et al, 1981).  DNAase 1 played a vital part in the solution to the crystallographic structure of the actin monomer by preventing polymerization at high protein concentrations (Kabsch et al, 1990), the very high affinity of DNase 1 for actin was important in this regard.  DNase 1 has also been a very useful tool in the isolation of actin from various sources by affiinity chomatography (Schafer et al, 1998), although it does not bind to actin from Entamoeba (Gadasi, 1982).

The structure of DNase 1 (green) in complex with actin (blue) (Kabsch et al, 1990). 
Figure 1

DNase-1 actin binding

DNAse-1 binds G-actin with very high affinity () at the "top" of sub-domain 2 (Figure 1) and to the pointed end of microfilaments with a Kd of 1.9x10-9 and an association rate constant of ~1x106 (Podolski & Steck, 1988).  Not many other actin binding proteins bind to actin through this region (tropomodulin and the ARP2/3 complex) and competition between DNase-1 and other ABPs does not necessarily indicate competition for binding at this site since binding by DNase-1 affects even the C terminus of the actin monomer (Usmanova et al, 1997).  For example competition has been demonstrated between elongation factor 2 and DNase-1 but it remains to be seen why this is the case (Bektas et al, 1998).  DNase-1 also binds to some (Varma et al, 1987) but not all () actin related proteins.

DNase-1 and Apoptosis

Members of the DNase 1 family have been found to be be involved in DNA fragmentation during apoptosis

Protein Actin binding Reference
DNase I Yes
DNase II
DNase X
DNase g


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