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updated 10/5/02

The Drebrins are a group of 95- 100kDa actin-binding proteins that are especially enriched in brain. Drebrins are enriched in the dendritic spines of neurons where they are reduced in both Alzheimer's and Down syndrome (Shim & Lubec, 2002).  This group has an actin-binding site similar to the ADF homology domain found in ADF/cofilins.  Drebrins compete with a-actinin, fascin, and tropomyosin for binding to F-actin.


Hayashi, K., R. Ishikawa, et al. (1999). Domain analysis of the actin-binding and actin-remodeling activities of drebrin. Exp.Cell Res. 253, 673-680.

Peitsch, W. K., C. Grund, et al. (1999). Drebrin is a widespread actin-associateing protein enriched at junctional plaques, defining a specific microfilament anchorage system in polar epithelial cells. Eur.J.Cell Biol. 78, 767-778.

Shim, K. S. & Lubec, G. (2002) Drebrin, a dendritic spine protein, is manifold decreased in brains of patients with Alzheimer's disease and Down syndrome. Neuroscience Lett. 324, 209-212.

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