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ERK (Extracellular regulated kinase)

The (Leinweber et al, 1999).  This confirmed earlier work in which it was observed that ERKs co-immunoprecipitated with actin (Menice et al, 1997).


Leinweber, B. D., Leavis, P. C., Grabarek, Z., Wang, C.-L. A. & Morgan, K. G. (1999) Extracellular regulated kinase (ERK) interaction with actin and the calponin homology (CH) domain of actin-binding proteins., Biochem.J. 344, 117-123.

Menice, C.B., Hulvershorn, J., Adams, L.P., Wang, C.-L.A., & Morgan, K.G. (1997) J.Biol.Chem. 272, 25157-25161.

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