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Like the other elongation factors, EF-1a and EF2, EF-1b has been found to be an actin binding protein (Furukawa et al, 2001). In Dictyostelium EF-1b has a similar distribution as EF-1a having diffuse cytoplasmic staining with concentration at the F-actin rich cortical region especially the leading edge (Furukawa et al, 2001). Low concentrations of EF-1b increase the rate of spontaneous actin polymerization at pH 8.0, but higher concentration reversed this effect.  Complexes of wheat germ EF-1bg also stimulated actin polymerization in vitro.


Furukawa, R., Jinks, T. M., Tishgarten, T., Mazzawi, M., Morris, D. R. & Fechheimer, M. (2001) Elongation factor 1b is an actin-binding protein., BBA. 1527, 130-140.

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