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Page updated 4/6/03

Like other components of the translation machinery (EF-1a and EF1b), EF-2 is an actin binding protein. An interaction was first indicated by immunofluorescence co-localisation of EF-2 with F-actin in fibroblasts (Shestokova, et al, 1991,1993a, b), and later confirmed by co-sedimentation assay (Bektas et al, 1994).  Binding of EF-2 was reported to be increased two-fold (Fig.1 in Bektas et al, 1994 although elsewhere in the paper the authors claim 4 fold?) in the presence of GTPgS.  Binding to F-actin had a Kd of 0.85mM (micromolar) and was inhibited by G-actin indicating that EF-2 also binds G-actin.  Competition between EF-2 and EF-1a was observed.  EF-2 may bind actin through sub-domain 2 as EF-2 competes with DNAse1 for binding (Bektas et al, 1998).  Indirect effects are also possible as is the case for profilin.  Diphtheria toxin catalyses the transfer of an ADP-ribosyl group from NAD+ to EF-2 and prevents protein synthesis, but this neither prevents EF-2 being localized to F-actin in cells (Shestakova et al, 1993) or affect F-actin binding in vitro (Bektas et al, 1994). 


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