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FHL3 (Four and a Half Lim Domain)

Page updated 25/6/03

A member of the LIM protein superfamily defined as those that contain a cysteine-rich motif that binds zinc.  LIM domains are generally involved in protein-protein interactions.  FHL3 is so-called as it contains four and a half LIM domains and not much else. FHL3 localises to a-actinin rich regions in muscle and in C2C12 myoblasts (Coghill et al, 2003).  It is claimed that FHL3 binds actin in vitro but the strength of this interaction was not quantified (Coghill et al, 2003).

Coghill, I. D., Brown, S., Cottle, D. L., McGrath, M. J., Robinson, P. A., Nandurkar, H. H., Dyson, J. M. & Mitchell, C. A. (2003) FHL3 Is an Actin-binding Protein That Regulates a-Actinin-mediated Actin Bundling: FHL3 LOCALIZES TO ACTIN STRESS FIBERS AND ENHANCES CELL SPREADING AND STRESS FIBER DISASSEMBLY. J. Biol. Chem. 278, 24139-24152.

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