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Filamin (ABP, gyronemin).

Page updated 11/7/'02

A large (270kd) dimeric actin crosslinking protein from a variety of sources.  Filamin cross-links microfilaments into an orthogonal gel without  producing bundles, presumably because the filaments are linked at right angle to each other.  Like ABP-120, filamin has an actin binding headpiece close to the N-terminus followed by b-cross structures. Whereas in ABP-120 there are six domains, in filamin there are 24 of these structures.

Binding Partner Effect Regulated by Reference
Presenilin Guo et al, 2000
TNF receptor Leonardi et al, 2000
SEC-1 Marti et al, 1997
Ig receptor Ohta et al, 1997
Caveolin-1 Stahlhut & van Deurs, 2000
GP Iba Meyer et al, 1997
FILIP Leads to proteolyis of filamin  Not known Nagano et al, 2002
Migfilin Localises Mig-2 to focal adhesions   Tu et al, 2003
Table 1 Filamin binding proteins



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