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Page updated 4th March '04

A group of proteins involved in the polymerisation of actin that share three so called Formin Homology (FH) domains namely FH1, FH2 and the more loosely defined FH3 domain (Waller & Alberts, 2003).  Other commonly shared domains are a GTPase binding domain (GBD) that bind for example Cdc42 at the N-terminus, and a DAD or Dia-autoregulatory domain, toward the C terminal.


Binding partner Function References
Profilin An actin monomer-binding protein (Watanabe et al, 1997)
Src family kinases    
Kinesin-like proteins    
Table 1
Charles Boone Lab Toronto (Formins & Actin) Fred Chang Lab NewYork (Formins cytoskeleton)


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