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A heat shock protein that not only binds actin but has structural homology with the overall actin and hexokinase fold (Holmes et al, 1993).  Interestingly, hexokinase also binds actin.  All these proteins may well be related to a bacterial protein - the prokaryote ancestor for actin?


Xiang, W. & Rensing, L. (1999) Changes in cell morphology and actin organization during heat shock in Dictyostelium discoideum: does HSP70 play a role in aquired thermotolerance?, FEMS letters. 178, 95-107.

Eddy, R. J., Sauterer, R. A. & Condeelis, J. S. (1992) Cloning and Sequencing of an HSP70 Related Protein from Dictyostelium; Relationship to Aginactin, an Agonist-Regulated Capping Protein, J Cell Biol. abstracts in press

Holmes, K. C., Sander, C. & Valencia, A. (1993) A new ATP-binding fold in actin, hexokinase and Hsc70, Trends Cell Biol. 3, 53-59.

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