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Harmonin b

Page updated 10/2/03

Harmonin b belongs to a small family (so far as is currently known) of cytoskeletally-associated proteins that works together with myosin VIIa in the hair cell.  Harmonin b is an actin-bundling protein and binds to cadherin 23 in the stereocilia (Boeda et al, 2002). 



Boeda, B., El-Amraoui, A., Bahloul, A., Goodyear, R., Daviet, L., Blanchard, S., Perfettini, I., Fath, K. R., Shorte, S., Reiners, J., Houdusse, A., Legrain, P., Wolfrum, U., Richardson, G. & Petit, C. (2002) Myosin VIIa, harmonin and cadherin 23, three Usher I gene products that cooperate to shape the sensory hair cell bundle, EMBO J. 21, 6689-6699.

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