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Page updated 20/5/03

An RNA-binding protein that binds actin through a C-terminal 15 amino-acid extension, not present on other Hrp65 isoforms that cannot bind actin (Percipalle et al, 2003). The name is derive from "Heterogeneous Nuclear Ribonucleaprotein". The extension is, and therefore the actin-binding site is:-


Hrp65-2 is a nuclear protein and has been shown (by reversible cross-linking) to bind actin in the nucleus (Percipalle et al, 2003). Both actin (Percipalle et al, 2001) and Hrp65-2 (Percipalle et al, 2003) are associated with active transcription sites, and interruption of the complex by introducing competing peptides derived from Hrp65-2 inhibits transcription.

Nuclear Actin Nuclear Actin-Binding proteins Nuclear Matrix

Percipalle, P., Zhao, J., Pope, B., Weeds, A., Lindberg, U. & Daneholt, B. (2001) Actin bound to the heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein hrp36 is associated with Balbiani ring mRNA from the gene to polysomes. J.Cell Biol. 153, 229-236.

Percipalle, P., Fomproix, N., Kylberg, K., Miralles, F., Bjorkroth, B., Daneholt, B. & Visa, N. (2003) An actin-ribonucleoprotein interaction is involved in transcription by RNA polymerase II. PNAS, (in press).

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