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Helicase II (Nuclear DNA helicase II/RNA helicase A)

Page updates 8/12/02

The presence of actin within the interface nucleus has been a hotly contentious issue. The debate has now swung heavily in favour of there being a physiologically relevant and important role for actin in the nucleus since the discovery of b-actin as a member of the BAF (Brg- or Brm-associated factors) complex (Shen et al, 2000). Nuclear DNA helicase II has now been found to bind F-actin (Zhang et al, 2002), possibly through the C-terminus region.



Shen, X., Mizuguchi, G., Hamiche, A. & Wu, C. (2000) A chromatin remodelling complex involved in transcription and DNA processing. Nature. 406, 541-544.

Zhang, S., Buder, K., Burkhardt, C., Schlott, B., Gorlach, M. & Grosse, F. (2002) Nuclear DNA helicase II/RNA helicase A binds to filamentous actin.  J.Biol.Chem. 277, 843-853.

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