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Despite the name IQGAPs do not have GTPase activating activity, they were so named as when first discovered a homology to the GTPase-activating proteins (GAPs) was recognised (Weissbach et al, 1994).  IQGAPs are a conserved group of Rho family (GTPase binding proteins) binding proteins typically present as multiple isoforms that have been implicated in cytokinesis (Kuroda et al, 1996; Brill et al, 1994; Hart et al, 1996; Adachi et al, 1998; Faix et al, 2001). 
Figure 1.  The structure of the IQGAP family. The CH domain binds F-actin, the function of the six IR (or IQGAP repeats) is presently unknown.  The WW domain probably binds a poly-proline type target. The IQ domain binds Ca2+/Calmodulin.  GRD is the G-protein binding domain and the last domain, the Ras GAP has an unknown function.
The actin-binding properties of IQGAP is presumed to result  from the CH or (calponin homology) domain at the N-terminal and the actin binding site has been localised to between 1 and 522 that spans the CH domains and most of the IRs (Mateer et al, 2002).  The whole molecule forms a homodimer that bundles actin filaments into an unusual open gel of bundles (Bashour et al, 1997), reminiscent of the gel of bundles formed by alpha-actinin in the presence of ADF/cofilin (Maciver et al, 1991).
Protein Function References
actin A major component of the cytoskeleton Bashour et al, 1997; Erickson et al, 1997
calmodulin A calcium binding protein involved in many signalling pathways Brill et al, 1996; Hart et al, 1996
Cdc42 A monomeric G-protein involved in signalling especially to the actin cytoskeleton Hart et al, 1996; Erickson et al, 1997
b-catenin A component of cell adhesions and a signalling molecule of the Wnt pathway. Briggs et al, 1996; Fukata et al, 1999; Kuroda et al, 1999
E-cadherin   Kuroda et al, 1999
myosin II Essential Light Chain A regulator of actin/myosin II contractility Weissbach et al, 1998
Rac1 Another monomeric G-protein involved in signalling especially to the actin cytoskeleton Bashour et al, 1997.
Table 1 Binding partners of IQGAP1


Surprisingly, Mice in which the IQGAP1 gene has been deleted are normal except that gastric hyperplasia is seen (Li et al, 2000). This might be partly due to the presence of IQGAP2 but the expression of the two does not overlap extensively and so other proteins may be take over.


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