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Updated 12/6/02

Integrins are cell adhesion molecules that are also bi-directional signalling molecules, that is they signal from the out side to the inside of cells, and vice versa (Calderwwod et al, 2000).  Integrins bind a number of cytoskeletal proteins, some of which are actin-binding proteins (see table 1), and some integrin types bind actin itself (Kieffer et al, 1995). 
Integrin-binding Protein Function References
actin microfilaments Kieffer et al, 1995; Calderwood et al, 2000
a-actinin Actin bundling protein Pavalko et al, 1991; Otey et al, 1993
Focal contact Adhesion kinase Signalling kinase
Plectin A giant actin and intermediate filament binding protein. Geerts et al, 1999
Talin An actin-binding protein, and a component of the focal contact. Calderwood et al, 2002
RACK1 Connects PKCe to integrin b chain Besson et al, 2002
Table 1    Integrin binding proteins


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