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Page updated 3/10/02

Behaves like phalloidin with respect to its effect on actin and binds to the same or similar site (Bubb et al, 1994), but crucially is cell permeant and so can be used to assay actin dependent processes in living cells (Cramer, 1999).

Bubb, M. R., A. M. J. Senderowicz, et al. (1994). “Jasplakinolide, a cytotoxic natural product, induces actin polymerization and competitively inhibits the binding of phalloidin to F-actin.” J. Biol. Chem. 269, 14869-14871.

Bubb, M. R., Spector, I., Beyer, B. B. & Fosen, K. M. (2000) Effects of jasplakinolide on the kinetics of actin polymerization., J.Biol.Chem. 275, 5163-5170.

Cramer, L. P. (1999). “Role of actin-filament disassembly in lamellipodium protrusion in motile cells revealed using the drug jasplakinolide.” Curr.Biol. 9, 1095-1105.

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