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LIM proteins

Page updated 26/6/03

The LIM-domain is contained within a wide range of proteins, some of which are also actin-binding proteins. The LIM-domain consensus consists of several cysteine and histidine which binds zinc ions and are responsible for protein:protein interactions. LimC and LimD from Dictyostelium (Khurana et al, 2002) bind actin directly and are localised to the leading edge.  FHL3 ( a LIM contining protein) has also been reported to bind actin (Coghill et al, 2003).

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Khurana, B., Khurana, T., Khaire, N. & Noegel, A. A. (2002) Functions of LIM proteins in cell polarity and chemotactic motility. EMBO J. 21, 5331-5342.

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