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Lymphocyte Specific Protein 1 (LSP1)

Known to be an actin-binding protein.


Jongstra-Bilen, J., Janmey, P. A., Hartwig, J. H., Galea, S. & Jongstra, J. (1992) The lymphocyte-specific protein LSP1 binds to F-actin and to the cytoskeleton through its COOH-terminal basic domain, J.Cell Biol. 118, 1443-1453.

Zhang, Q., Li, Y. & Howard, T. H. (2001) Hair-forming activity of human lymphocyte specific protein 1 requires cooperation between its caldesmon-like domains and the villin headpiece-like domains., Cell Motility Cytoskeleton. 49, 179-188.

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