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Page updated 3/3/03

MIM (Missing in Metastasis) is a WH2 (WASP homology domain-2) containing protein that binds ATP-actin monomers more tightly (Kd = 0.06mM) than ADP-actin monomers (Kd = 0.3mM) (Mattila et al, 2003).  The molecular weight of MIM is around 37 kDa and the MIMS mRNA is particularly strongly expressed in the liver (Mattila et al, 2003).
Figure 1. Domain structure of MIMS
MIM-B binds to protein tyrosine phosphatase d in addition to actin (Woodings et al, 2003).


Mattila, P. K., Salminen, M., Yamashiro, T. & Lappalainen, P. (2003) Mouse MIM, a Tissue-specific Regulator of Cytoskeletal Dynamics, Interacts with ATP-Actin Monomers through Its C-terminal WH2 Domain. J. Biol. Chem. 278, 8452-8459.

Woodings, J. A., Sharp, S. J. & Machesky, L. M. (2003) MIM-8, a putative metastatic suppressor protein, binds actin and to protein tyrosine phosphatase d., Biochem.J. 371, 463-471.

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