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An actin and microtubule binding protein  (Gonzales et al, 1998).  The protein has been isolated on tubulin affinity columns and when purified then co-sedimented with F-actin.  Analysis of the binding to F-actin suggests an affinity (Ka) of 1x106M-1.  Immunofluorscence localises Mip-90 to both microtubules and actin in fibroblast with some nuclear staining also evident.  The leading edge where ruffling membrane underlain by a rich actin network was also stained with Mip-90 antibodies.


Gonzales, M., Cambiazo, V., & Maccioni, R.B. (1998). "The interaction of Mip-90 with microtubules and actin filaments in human fibroblasts. Exp.Cell Res. 239, 243-253.

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