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An actin bundling protein localised to the Z-disc of skeletal muscle (Weins et al, 2001). Myopodin is homologous to synaptopodin another actin-associated protein strongly expressed in the kidney (Mundel et al, 1997).  The actin-binding region in myopodin has been localised to a central region between 410-563.  This region contain no recognised actin-binding motif and so may contain yet another actin-binding domain (see Actin-Binding Motifs) (Weins et al, 2001).  Myopodin like a few other actin-binding proteins (e.g. ADF/Cofilin) accumulates in the nucleus upon stress.  However, unlike the situation with cofilin, the nuclear actin "loops" seen in cells with increased myopodin did stain with phalloidin.


Mundel, P., Heid, H. W., Mundel, T. M., Kruger, M., Reiser, J. & Kriz, W. (1997) Synaptopodin: An actin-associated protein in telencephalic dendrites and renal podocytes., JCB. 139, 193-204.

Weins, A., Schwarz, K., Faul, C., Barisoni, L., Linke, W. A. & Mundel, P. (2001) Differentiation- and stress-dependent nuclear cytoplasmic redistribution of myopodin, a novel actin-bundling protein., J.Cell Biol. 155, 393-403.

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