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Page updated 14.8.03

A LIM domain containing protein expressed in muscle related to nebulin, a giant actin binding protein.


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Carroll, S. L., Herrera, A. H. & Horowits, R. (2001) Targeting and functional role of N-RAP, a nebulin-related LIM protein, during myofibril assembly in cultured chick cardiomyocytes., J Cell Sci. 114, 4229-4238.

Mohiddin, S. A., Lu, S., Cardoso, J.-P., Carrol, S., Jha, S., Horowits, R. & Fananapazir, L. (2003) Genomic organization, alternative splicing, and expression of human and mouse N-RAP, a nebulin-related LIM protein of striated muscle. Cell Mot Cytoskeleton. 55, 200-212.

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