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So far the biggest actin binding protein not just in its size (600-900kDa) but in that it binds a potential 200 actin monomers! Each monomer is bound by a 35 amino acid residue that may also bind calmodulin, tropomyosin and troponin (Wang et al, 1996), and the N-terminal region binds tropomodulin (McElhinny et al, 2001). The actin-binding core of the repeat is around a conserved motif SDxxYK (Pfuhl et al, 1994), and this is proposed to bind actin through a cleft formed "behind" sub-domains 3 and 4  of actin in the standard view (Kabsch et al, 1990). Models have been proposed (Wang, 1999) in which it is suggested that nebulin co-aligns with tropomyosin and troponn to form a multifilament that wraps around the thin filament.  However, the model suggested by (Pfuhl et al, 1994) would seem to contradict this view as the proposed nebulin site is distinct from tropomysoin.  

Figure 1.  The Structure of Nebulin. 7x 35 amino-acid repeats form a unit that is itself repeated about 22 times.  The N-terminal associates with tropomodulin and so the pointed end of the thin filament the C-terminus binds components of the Z-disc.

The interaction of nebulin with actin is Ca2+-calmodulin sensitive (Root & Wang, 1994). Nebulin is proposed to form a "molecular ruler" controlling the length of the thin filament (Chen et al, 1993b), as differences in the length of expressed nebulin corresponds to the length of the sarcomere (Kruger et al, 1991; Labiet et al, 1991).  Nebulin is associated with an autosomal recessive nemaline myopathy in humans (Pelin et al, 1999).

Douglas Root Lab UCLA  Annalisa Pastore EMBL  Mark Pfuhl University of Leicester


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