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Neurocalcin is a dimeric 24kDa, calcium sensing protein from neurons that belongs to a family with visin, VILIP and hippocalcin. The interaction with F-actin is requires calcium (Mornet & Bonet-Kerrache, 2001).  Neurocalcin is myristoylated, and also binds clathrin and tubulin in addition to actin (Ivings et al, 2002). Neurocalin d is also known as VILIP-3.


Ivings, L., Pennington, S. R., Jenkins, R., Weiss, J. L. & Burgoyne, R. D. (2002) Identification of Ca2+-dependent binding partners for the neuronal calcium sensor protein neurocalcin d: interaction with actin, clathrin and tubulin. Biochem. J. 363, 599-608.

Mornet, D. & Bonet-Kerrache, A. (2001) Neurocalcin-actin interaction. BBA. 1549, 197-203.

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