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RTX toxin (Vibrio cholerae)

The bacteria Vibrio cholerae is a devastating human pathogen that killed 10,000 people/yr as recently as 1998!  It is well known for producing "cholera toxin" that ADP-ribosylates the inhibitory subunit of adenylate cyclase leading to water loss, but the bacterium also produces a toxin RTX that is now known to target actin (Fullner & Mkananos, 2000). The protein is huge and at 484 kDa, it is the largest toxin yet described.

Fullner, K.J. & Mekananos, J.J. (2000). "In vivo covalent cross-linking of cellular actin by the Vibrio cholerae RTX toxin." EMBO J. 19(20), 5315-5323.

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