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A myosin binding protein from smooth muscle with similar physical properties to skeletal muscle titin.  Antibody studies indicate that smitin and titin are distinct gene products.  Smitin may be the same protein as a previously characterised titin-like protein from smooth muscle (Maruyama et al, 1977).  No sequence is yet available.

Kim, K. & Keller III, T. C. S. (2002) Smitin, a novel smooth muscle titin-like protein, interacts with myosin filaments in vivo and in vitro., JCB. 156, 101-111.

Maruyama, K., Marakami, F. & Ohashi, K. (1977) Connectin, an esatic protein of muscle: comparative biochemistry., J.Biochemistry. 82, 339-345.

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