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Transgelin (SM22)

A 23kDa Calponin-related protein (Shapland et al, 1988; Prinjha et al, 1994) found in smooth muscle and non-muscle cells.  The protein binds actin in vitro only if the salt concentration is low, however transgelin co-localises with F-actin in cells by immunofluorescence microscopy (Shapland et al, 1988), indicating that perhaps another factor influences actin binding in vivo.  The expression of this protein is transformation sensitive and is lost in a variety of cell types upon transformation, possibly through the deregulation of the Ras pathway.  However, no decrease in the transformed phenotype was seen as the transgelin was re-expressed in the transformed cells (Shields et al, 2002). This suggests that transgelin itself is not vitally important in the transformation process but is perhaps a "side show".


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