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Voltage Dependent Anion-Selective Channel (VDAC)

Page updated 5/10/03

VDAC is a c30Kda transmembranous protein of the mitochondrial outer membrane involved in the gating of ATP export.   It had been shown that various cytoplasmic proteins modulated the activity of VDAC from yeast (Kmita et al, 2003). The activity of VDAC from Neurospora mitochondria has been reported to be modulated by G-actin through a direct interaction .  Specificity of the interaction is suggested by the facts that DNAse1 blocks the activity and isoforms of actin differed in the extent of regulation (Xu  et al, 2001).  No direct ibinding of VDAC to actin by standard biochemical means has been demonstrated.


Kmita, H., Budzinska, M. & Stobienia, O. (2003) Modulation of the voltage-dependent anion-selective channel by cytoplasmic proteins from wild type and the channel depleted cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiaeActa Biochimica Polonica. 50, 415-424.

Xu, X., Forbes, J. G. & Colombini, M. (2001) Actin modulates the gating of Neurospora crassa VDAC. J. Membrane Biol. 180, 73-81.

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