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The VASP family

Originally isolated from platelets as a substrate for both cGMP-dependent and cAMP-dependent kinases (Halbrugge & Walter, 1989). VASP (Vasodilator-Stimulated Phosphoprotein) is also expressed in other cells and is localized to focal adhesion in many cell types (Reinhard et al, 1995).  VASP binds actin (Hüttelmaier et al, 1999) through the EVH2 domain (Bachmann et al, 1999). Several similar proteins proteins have now come to light (see below).

Figure 1. The structure of Ena, EVL and VASP. Two domains are named after the VASP family EVH1 (orange) and EVH2 (Cyan). There are three SH3 binding sites (blue) and 4 profilin binding sites (light blue).

VASP forms complexes with a number of other proteins, mainly those that also are enriched at the focal adhesion (table 1).

Protein Function References
Profilin An actin binding protein that both sequesters actin monomers and (under certain conditions) activates actin polymerization. Reinhard et al, 1995; Jonckheere et al, 1999
Vinculin A component of the focal adhesion, binds VASP in a PIP2 sensitive manner. Huttelmaier et al, 1998; Bubeck et al, 1997
ActA A protein secreted by the bacteria Listeria monocytogenes that causes "rocketing" of the bacteria through the host cell. Niebuhr et al, 1997
Actin Main constituent of the cytoskeleton in most cells. Pistor et al, 1995; Huttelmaier et al, 1999; Harbeck et al, 2000.
Table 1   VASP-Binding proteins

Surprisingly, the VASP knock out is not lethal but show platelet hypersensitivity to activation and have more megakaryocytes than wild-type mice (Hauser et al, 1999), whereas MENA (a VASP relative) shows defects in neurulation ( Lanier et al, 1999).

Other members of the VASP family

The structure of VASP reveals that it belongs to a large family of proteins including WASP, and Homer

Figure 2. WASP
Figure 3. Homer


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