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YpkA (YopO)

A serine/threonine kinase from Yersinia that binds and is activated by actin when secreted into eukaryote cells by type III secretion mechanism (Juris et al, 2000).  Both G and F-actin and G-actin bound to DNase1 are able to activate the kinase.  The C-terminus of the kinase is responsible for actin binding and bacteria lacking this part of the gene are not virulent (Galyov et al, 1993).  A region in the C-terminus has reputed homolgy to the ABP coronin. Actin is one of the substrates for the kinase, and cells transfected with the kniase have a disrupted actin cytoskeleton and round up.  YpkA is not alone in phosphorylating actin (see actin kinases).


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