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Page updated 11/8/03

A fan shaped amoeba that sometimes takes on a reticulate form.  Often single nucleus but sometimes has more than one.  The relationship to other amoebae has been established recently (Amaral Zettler et al, 2000), and surprisingly Gephyramoeba is apparently most closely related to Filamoeba.  However a subsequence study indicates that the relationship is not close (Peglar et al, 2003). Despite being similar morphologically to the Rhizamoeba and Leptomyxa, Gephyramoeba is not closely related to these genera.


Described Species:-
Gephyramoeba delicatula 


Available strains
Gephyramoeba sp. GHMI-1 ATCC 50654



Amaral Zettler, L.A., Nerad, T.A., O'Kelly, C.J., Peglar, M.T., Gillevet, P.M., Silberman, J.D. & Sogin, M.L. (2000). "A molecular reassessment of the Leptomyxid amoebae." Protist 151, 275-282.

Peglar, M. T., Amaral Zettler, L. A., Anderson, O. R., Nerad, T. A., Gillevet, P. M., Mullen, T. E., Frasca Jr, S., Silverman, J. D., O'Kelly, C. J. & Sogin, M. L. (2003) Two new small-subunit ribosomal RNA gene lineages within the subclass Gymnamoebia., J.Eukaryot.Microbiol. 50, 224-232.

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