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Page updated 21/8/02

A genus of Mayorella -like amoeba (Schaeffer, 1926). The names Korotnevella, Dactylamoeba and Astramoeba have been used for the same species.  See (Smirnov, 1999) for a discussion on the names for this genus.


Korotnevella at the Protist Information Server

Described species:-

Korotnevella bulba (Schaeffer, 1926).
K. diskophora (Smirnov, 1999)
K. hemistylolpis (O'Kelly et al, 2001)
K. monacantholepis (O'Kelly et al, 2001)
K. nivo (Smirnov, 1996-97)
K. stella (Schaeffer, 1926)

Available strains:-

  Korotnevella sp.ATCC50804 (EPA-17), Marine.  T.K. Sawyer



O'Kelly, C. J., Peglar, M. T., Black, M. N. D., Sawyer, T. K. & Nerad, T. A. (2001) Korotnevella hemistylolepis N.Sp. and Korotnevella monacantholepis N.Sp. (Paramoebidae), two new scale-covered mesohaline amoebae.  J.Eukaryot.Microbiol. 48, 655-662.

Peglar, M. T., Amaral Zettler, L. A., Anderson, O. R., Nerad, T. A., Gillevet, P. M., Mullen, T. E., Frasca Jr, S., Silberman, J. D., O'Kelly, C. J. & Sogin, M. L. (2003) Two new small-subunit ribosomal RNA gene lineages within the subclass Gymnamoebia. J.Eukaryot.Microbiol. 50, 224-232.

Schaeffer, A. (1926) "Taxonomy of the amebas." Pap.Dept.Mar.Biol.Carnegie Institut. Wash. Vol XXIV, 1-116.

Smirnov, A.V. (1999). "Korotnevella diskophora n.sp. (Gymnamoebia, paramoebidae) - small freshwater amoeba with peculiar scales." Protistology 1, 30-33.

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