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Page updated 22nd Jan '05

The earliest branching Heterolobosean genus studied so far by  analysis of SSUrDNA (Nikolaev et al, 2004) (AF011459).   A unique additional helix in the SSUrRNA in the V3 region present in every other Heteroloboseans but lacking in all other organisms is absent in Macropharyngomonas and it is possible that this genus will be excluded from Heterolobosea because of this? The sequencing of the mitochondrial genome of Macropharyngomonas is reported to be in progress (Gray et al, 1998).  As far as I know, no further information has been reported on this genus.


Described species:-

Macropharyngomonas halophila SSUrDNA AF011459


The Heterolobosea


Gray, M. W., Lang, B. F., Cedergren, R., Golding, G. B., Lemieux, C., Sankoff, D., Turmel, M., Brossard, N., Delage, E., Littlejohn, T. G., Plante, I., Rioux, P., Saint-Louis, D., Zhu, Y. & Burger, G. (1998) Genome structure and gene content in protist mitochondrial DNAs.  Nuc.Acids.Res. 26, 865-878.

Nikolaev, S. I., Mylnikov, A. P., Berney, C., Fahrni, J., Pawlowski, J., Aleshin, V. V. & Petrov, N. B. (2004) Molecular phylogenetic analysis places Percolmonas cosmopolitus within Heterolobosea: Evolutionary implications. J. Euk. Microbiol. 51, 575-581.

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