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Grouped within the nucleariids with genera Nuclearia and Vampyrellidium). Micronuclearia is a spherical amoeba with a single pseudopodal extension that branches.  Only one species so far recognised but apparently a similar amoeba is common in hypersaline prawn farms in Queensland Australia (Pers.Comm. from D.J. Patterson in Mikrukov & Mylnikov, 2001)


Described species:-

Micronuclearia podoventralis (body 5mm in diameter). (Mikrukov & Mylnikov, 2001)From Waste treatment plant (Borok Yaroslav province, Russia) 


Mikrjukov, K. A. & Mylnikov, A. P. (2001) A study of the fine structure and th mitosis of a lamellicristate amoeba, Micronuclearia podoventralis gen. et sp. nov. (Nucleariidae, Rotosphaerida)., Eur. J. Protitol. 37, 15-24.

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