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Myosin IV

Page updated 26/5/02

The first member of this group was the Heavy Molecular Weight myosin from Acanthamoeba castellanii (Horowitz & Hammer, 1990).  Myosin IV resembles myosin I in that it seems to monomeric lacking as it does an apparent coiled-coil region.  This myosin is 177kDa but gets its name in view of the fact that its tail at about 800aas is approximately twice the size of the myosin I cDNAs available for comparison at the time.  Myosin IV contains an SH3 domain at the extreme C terminus.  So far myosin IV has only been found in Acanthamoeba, a somewhat similar gene exists in Dictyostelium, MyoM but it is not similar enough to be classified as a myosin IV  (Berg et al, 2001).  Dictyostelium MyoM probably represents yet another class of myosin!
A.  Myosin IV is a dimeric myosin 

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Horowitz, J. A. & Hammer III, J. A. (1990) A new Acanthamoeba myosin heavy chain. Cloning of the gene and immunological identification of the polypeptide., J.Biol.Chem. 265, 646-652.


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