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Myosin VIII (a plant-specific myosin)

Page updated 2/4/02

A myosin that so far seems to be limited in its expression to the plants (Reddy et al, 2001).  There the function of myosin VIII appears to be in the localization and transport of pre-cell wall vesicles at the phragmoplast upon cell division (Reichelt et al, 1999), and perhaps to regulate cytoplasmic flow between cells (Balsuska et al, 2001).

Baluska, F., Cvrckova, F., Kendrick-Jones, J. & Volkmann, D. (2001) Sink plasmodesmata as gateways for ploem unloading. Myosin VIII and calreticulin as molecular determinants of sink strength. Plant Physiol. 126, 39-46.

Reddy, A. S. N. & Day, I. S. (2001) Analysis of the myosins encoding in the recently completed Arabidopsis thaliana genome sequence. Genome Biology. 2, 24.1-24.17.

Reichelt, S., Knight, A. E., Hodge, T. P., Baluska, F., Samaj, J., Volkman, D. & Kendrick-Jones, J. (1999) Characterization of the unconventional myosin VII in plant cells and its localization at the post-cytokinetic cell wall. Plant J. 19, 555-567.

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